Lighthouse Pastoral Counseling

A Beacon of Hope to Men in the world by Lighting their way

I have helped men break free from pornography and sexual addiction,

all over the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and more.

On-line counseling means I am available for you 1-on-1 anywhere.



Problematic Sexual Behaviors, including pornography, can destroy your life and/or your marriage. If you are a man struggling with infidelity whether through an affair, pornography, strip clubs, or escorts I understand it feels like your world is collapsing around you. And for men trapped in this out-of-control behavior, I know the shame and guilt you are experiencing.

I am passionate about helping men who are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and have no idea where to turn. But I can show you how you can become whole again and repair your relationship. I can help you defeat the addiction and take the steps needed to make your life better.

Here at Lighthouse Pastoral Counseling, I will work to help you understand "why" you got to this place, but more importantly, how to move forward. Together, we will work to address the core issues at the heart of the addictive behavior, all from a biblical worldview.

The Inner Child Model.

The road to recovery from your sex or porn addiction goes through your childhood and is the result of pain points suffered as a child, adolescent, and teenager.

It’s difficult to hear new clients discuss their endless struggle with their addiction. So many have tried time and time again to stop the insanity only to find themselves crashing and burning for the umpteen time. They feel hopeless and believe they are nearly out of options.

However, there is a path few have explored when it comes to learning how to manage their addiction. And that path is a journey to answer the “why” question.