Insight is Key

Why has this sex or porn addiction taken control of my life?”

I believe understanding why a sex/porn addiction manifested is the steppingstone to recovery. Because if we know why we do the things we do, we become empowered to learn how to manage our actions. And it all starts with answering the why question.

Answer Found in Inner Child

The answer to this simple but complex question is found in a very unlikely source—the inner child. Our inner child has a storage unit filled with pain points from our childhood and teen years that we have repressed as adults.

When a negative event—minor or major—occurs in the daily life of a sex addict, his inner child immediately searches the storage unit to determine if the current event correlates with a past emotional wound. And if he finds a match, the addiction cascade is set in motion.

Why? Because the inner child is trapped in a time warp surrounded by frightening memories, and when one of those pain points erupts, the kid desires to seek comfort. And he has learned that sex is a remarkable source of comfort.

Managing the Inner Child

The Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sex/Porn Addiction (ICRP) is a unique and exciting approach to helping individuals manage their addiction. ICRP empowers individuals with the ability to stay one step ahead of their addiction by:

  • Being aware of what triggers their inner child

  • Being mindful of when their inner child becomes activated

  • Processing pain points that still haunt their inner child

  • Utilizing rationale insight to resolve the inner child’s emotional conflict

  • Making healthy decisions instead of escaping

Call today to learn more about the Inner Child Recovery Process and how it has helped hundreds of men find freedom from sex/porn addiction and chronic masturbation.